Quo Vadis Cal

Your calendar at a single glance!

on iPhone & iPad


  • 11 exhaustive views of time
  • At a glance mode on every view
  • Actions management
  • Priorities and top priorities management
  • Workload indicators
  • Daily Dashboard
  • Large-scale planning
  • Automatic categorization of events


Multiplicity of the calendar views available

11 different views: day-to-view, week-to-view, month-to-view and year-to-view to facilitate the planning and consultation of your events, actions and priorities!

At a glance mode

At a glance mode: an exclusive Quo Vadis feature! Access instantaneously a synthetic or detailed view of each screen to facilitate the planning and consultation of your events, actions and priorities!

Priority management

Order and manage your daily priorities at a single glance! Create the Top Priority of the day (Dominante): Business trip, important meeting. They will be displayed in every views, on top of the screen so they can be identified at a single glance.

Actions management

Create and manage your actions and to-do lists in the app.Your list of actions is available on a dedicated screen but also in the calendar views of Quo Vadis Cal!

Workload indicators

Measure at a glance your daily or weekly workload!

iPhone & iPad application

Download Quo Vadis Cal on your iPhone and iPad at the same time! All the views and features have been optimized for iPad.

Today view

Your complete daily dashboard: priorities, actions, current and future events, birthdays. Everything is in it!


Free time indicators

Spot at a single glance the free time available between two events!


Macro planning

Plan your top priorities over the whole year thanks to the Anno Planning. An ideal view to manage your projects or trips in the long-term!


Automatic categorization

Quo Vadis Cal automatically categorizes your events! Office meetings or business lunches, spot your events'categories at a single glance!


Holidays follow up

Keep an eye on your vacation time and keep track of your total remaining holidays!


Week number

Week numbers are available on every view, you can also choose to hide them!


Navigate in time

Navigate efficiently in time thanks to Quo Vadis Cal!



iPhone & iPad application



V 2.2.1

Regular updates will incorporate new features and corrections in the upcoming months. Do not hesitate to send us your suggestions on the dedicated platform http://support.quovadiscal.com/forums/299145-vos-s...