The ultimate planning tool

Being The expert in time management, Quo Vadis has come up with its own planning tools to provide the most advanced time management app. Some of its features are borrowed from the paper diaries and optimized for a digital use, like the Top priority (Dominante), the Anno Planning and Planorizon views... Others were invented specifically for Quo Vadis Cal (at a glance modeworkload indicatorstoday viewactions managementetc... )

  • The at a glance mode is available on every view. When activated (with the switch button, at the bottom of each screen), the app displays a very synthetic view of your events and actions. Thanks to the at a glance mode you can switch to a consultation mode while the detailed mode allows you to plan your events of the day, week, month or year.

  • The Agenda Planning view displays your weekly workload and the daily total hours of events. Beware, this view only displays your default calendar events.

  • The top priority (Dominante®) in the Quo Vadis diaries was created by Quo Vadis to allow people to isolate the main event of the day. 
    With Quo Vadis Cal, you can now manage your priorities for the day, the week, the month and even the year. To add a priority, you only need to touch the “+” button in the header and to select the “Priority” tab. 
    A priority will always be displayed at the top of your day, whatever view you’re on.
    You can also create a top priority if you activate the field “top priority” when you’re adding a priority. The top priority will always be at the top of the day on each view, directly above your other priorities and will have a specific icone. You can only have one top priority per day. 

    The Anno Planning view displays the top priorities of the whole year allowing you to plan on a large-scale.

    When you add a top Priority in Quo Vadis Cal, it will appear in your other calendar apps (Outlook for instance) with the code #1, so it can be identified at a single glance. For instance if you create a Top Priority with the title Milan in Quo Vadis Cal, it will appear in Outlook with the title #1 Milan. 
    On the other side, if you add an "all-day event" named Milan in another calendar app like Outlook, and you want it to appear as a Top Priority in Quo Vadis Cal, you only have to name it #1 Milan (with one space between #1 and Milan)!

  • More than your priorities and events, Quo Vadis Cal lets you manage your actions or tasks. 
    These actions are visible on a dedicated view (button on the lower left corner of the screen, in the footer), on the day view (at a glance mode), and on the Planorizon view (detailed mode). 
    The actions in the app Quo Vadis Cal are automatically synchronized with the Reminders app on your device. 

    In the V1.0 of Quo Vadis Cal, a bug has been identified regarding the actions with a due date: these actions are automatically associated to a midnight due date( the day before) and to a level of priority. This bug will be corrected in the next release. Until then, if you want to avoid this behaviour, you need to create actions with a due date. 

    How to create an action ? 
    To create an action, touch the “+” button on the upper right corner of the screen, in the header. Select the Action tab, enter a title and a date and validate. 

    How to change the default list of actions ?
    All the actions you create will be associated by default to your default list of actions.
    To change this list :
    - Go to your device settings
    - Scroll down and go to Reminders
    - Go to Default list 

    How to hide the completed actions on the calendar views ? 
    Go to Quo Vadis Cal Settings, Actions, and disable "Show completed actions"
    How to choose the lists I want to display ? 
    By default, Quo Vadis Cal displays the actions of all the existing lists. 
    To select the lists you want to display on the Day (at a glance mode) and the Planorizon (detailed mode) views, go the app menu (side bar), then Settings. In the Actions section, go to Displayed lists.

    How to change the color of a list of actions ? 

    To change the color of a list, go to the Apple Reminders app on your device. Select the list you want to change the color of, select "Edit" on the upper right side of the sreen, then select "Color".

  • To use the app under the best possible conditions, you need to have at least 400 MO of free storage available in the app. Indeed, bugs can occur if the memory available is not sufficient. 
    To check your storage, go to the system settings-->Storage and iCloud use

  • Quo Vadis Cal offers a clear vision of your workload thanks to the occupation indicators. 
    Each day, the workload is calculated on a half day period : one indicator for the morning and one for the afternoon.
    There are three possible states for each indicator : empty, half full and full.

    How are the indicators defined ? 

    Empty indicator : workload = less than 29% occupation 
    Half empty indicator : workload = between 30% and 60% occupation 
    Full indicator : workload = more than 61% occupation 

    Each state is associated to a specific level of workload related to the total duration of events compared to the total duration of the half-day unit.

    The workload is related to the calendars displayed on the different views.

    In the app settings, you can customize the duration of mornings and afternoons in Day Presentation.

  • You can : 
    - zoom in or zoom out on the day-to-view and Agenda Planning view (details mode) with a vertical pinch 
    - Hide/display week-end days on the Agenda Planning and Month views with a horizontal pinch

  • The favorite views are the ones displayed when you deploy the view changing menu in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. 
    You can edit this list directly using the button “edit” when the menu is deployed, or go to the settings in the Favorite views section

  • Quo Vadis Cal needs to access your calendars so you can see, edit and create events. 
    When the app asks you “Quo Vadis Cal would like to access your calendar”, answer yes, otherwise the app won’t be able to work correctly. 

    If you have refused the access : 
    - Go to system settings
    - Go to Privacy
    - Go to Calendars 
    - Activate Quo Vadis Cal

  • To add a new calendar : 
    -Go to system settings 
    -Go to Mail, Contacts, Calendars
    -Tap add accounts

  • To change the default calendar in Quo Vadis Cal : 
    -Go to system settings 
    -Go to Mail, Contacts, Calendars
    - In Calendars, go to default Calendar

  • To hide or show a calendar go the Quo Vadis Cal menu. 
    In Calendars, select the calendars you want to show.

  • To change the colour of a calendar : 
    - Go to Calendars in the app menu 
    - Select the calendar 
    - Select the colour

  • To get alerts for an event or an action, push notifications must have been accepted. If not, 
    - Go to System Settings
    - Select Notifications and select Quo Vadis Cal
    - Enable Allow notifications, 
    - Enable Show in Notification Center
    - Enable Show on Lock Screen

    - Go to System settings
    - Scroll down to Quo Vadis Cal 
    - Select Quo Vadis Cal
    - Turn on Push Notifications 

    To delete an alert, press long on the alert and select the bin.

    To just turn the alarms for a calendar off : 
    - Go to Calendars in the app menu 
    - Select the calendar 
    - Go to alarms and select “none”

  • You can change the availability for a calendar (hence all the events associated to this calendar) or/and for an event in particular. 
    By default, the availability is “occupied”. 

    To change the availability for a calendar :
    - Go to Calendars in the app menu 
    - Select a calendar 
    - In “default availability", select what you want

  • When you create an event, it is automatically associated to a category, based on the title of the event (first word). 
    If no key word is recognized, the category assigned will be the default category. 
    You can change the category manually by going to the “Category” field when you edit the event.

  • By default, an iOS device will only sync the events of the last 30 days. 
    If you want to keep all your events, you have to change this in the System Settings of your device 
    - Go the the system settings in your device 
    - Go to Mail, Contacts, Calendars
    - Scroll all the way down to Sync
    - Set Sync to your preferences

  • Quo Vadis Cal needs to access your contacts so you can associate them to your events and visualize their birthdays.
    If you refuse the access, Quo Vadis Cal will be able to work but some features won’t be available : 

    -Birthdays and age of the contacts 
    - Add invitees to an event 

    To let Quo Vadis Cal access your contacts :
    - Go to the system settings in your device
    - Go to Privacy
    - Go to Contacts 
    - Activate Quo Vadis Cal

  • You can synchronize your Quo Vadis Cal settings via iCloud (iCloud account required) to synchronize Quo Vadis Cals settings on iPhone and iPad and to keep your settings if the app is uninstalled.
    If you're not connected to an iCloud account, go to : 
    - System settings
    - iCloud 
    Connect with your Apple ID. 
    Make sure that iCloud Drive is activated.

  • Quo Vadis Cal is a universal app, you only have to download it once to use it on your iPhone and iPad. The app is entirely optimized for iPad. 
    To Automatically download new purchases made on other devices, go to :
    - your device settings
    - iTunes and App Store
    - Automatic downloads 
    - Activate automatic download for your apps

  • Your Facebook account can be directly associated to your iOS device. 
    By default, the sync is on. 

    If the Facebook events are not displayed : 
    - Go to the system settings in your device
    - Go to Facebook 
    - Activate the sync with Calendar and Contacts

  • The birthday’s calendar is managed by your device and the dates displayed in the app are automatically based on your contacts. 

    To add a birthday to your calendar, do it directly in your contacts : 
    - Go the Contacts app in your device
    - Select a contact
    - Go to Edit 
    - Scroll down and select “birthday”
    - Enter the date and validate

  • If you want to change the language of Quo Vadis Cal, you can do it directly in the app settings or in the system settings of your device.